The sploit police

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The sploit police

Post by Phaz on Wed May 08, 2013 12:12 pm

You best all be careful because the sploit police are on to us! I got a call the other day via skype to my cell telling me "I had better knock it off!" This person is obviously legit, as they were able to discover my real name, not that I go by it ingame or anything, and they were also able to tell me where I live (except that it wasn't actually where I live) as well as that my cell carrier is Verizon Wireless (try Googling your phone number..)! They are so new to the interwebs that they even claimed to be female. They have no apparent intent other than to make an ass out of themselves trying to come across as some intimidating hacker. They have amazing roleplaying skills and use lines such as "my sources tell me this" and "you really think I'm stupid enough to call you myself?".

Oh and they apparently get really pissed off when they see refrigerators in Borealis.

Gogo Google hackers

Your actions include but are not limited to:

Abuse of Game Mechanics
Trivializing boss encounters
Use of 3rd party programs that violate the EULA
Customer service abuse
Posting of exploit information on the Anarchy Online Public Forums
Use and direction of known exploits


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