Things people accuse us of doing that we cannot do

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Things people accuse us of doing that we cannot do

Post by Phaz on Sat Feb 22, 2014 11:13 pm

We get accused of doing a number of ridiculous things, so in order to clear things up, here is a list of things we CANNOT do:

  • Have buffs running on characters that are invisible to other players (having 12m buff without it showing in target NCU window for instance)
  • Flagging people
  • Spawning AI raids in bor
  • Hitting for higher than the 30% cap in pvp
  • Landing nanos more consistently through high NR
  • Landing normals more consistently through high evades
  • Always capping SA/AS/FA/whatever else
  • Any form of stat exploit (this includes AAO/AAD)
  • Wearing GA4 + CSS
  • 1 hitting aliens of high level with a bow MA
  • Having GM privileges or access to GM accounts
  • Make the server lag
  • Sploiting coon cooldown
  • Having Bio Regrowth on a 170 enf
  • Being able to cast any nano
  • Having godmode hacks
  • Equipping GM-only items
  • Being ex-Funcom employees

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Your actions include but are not limited to:

Abuse of Game Mechanics
Trivializing boss encounters
Use of 3rd party programs that violate the EULA
Customer service abuse
Posting of exploit information on the Anarchy Online Public Forums
Use and direction of known exploits
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