Regarding the 2/28/14 Patch Notes

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Regarding the 2/28/14 Patch Notes

Post by Phaz on Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:02 pm

I have a few topics to cover concerning the 2/28 patch notes and some misconceptions people have about them. This is mainly directed at people who are complaining that Funcom is catering to exploiters and whining on the forums. I want to teach you guys a little bit about why things are the way they are, and what I think of some of the changes.

The Changes

  • NCU Viewing
    Everyone claiming that Funcom should just fix the NCU viewing exploit needs to understand the implications of what that would involve. There is a reason that your client knows about other clients' NCU. How would your client know to render a polymorphed version of someone else if they are running one? How would it know to make you glow blue when you have CS and put a silly light thing under Keepers' feet when they have that buff running? These are only a few simple reasons why others' NCU must be available to your client, and it isn't something they can go hotfix with a few lines of code.

    Also, this has been around for YEARS in the form of DB mods; you have already been playing with a huge population that knew when you had coon/ams/dof/limber/rrfe anyways.

    My opinion: I actually am hoping they implement an option to only show hostile nanos, as having all of them visible really clutters up the target NCU window. Contrary to popular belief, not everyone that has the ability to view your NCU does it.

  • Removal of the ability to disable inspect
    This is going to put a huge strain on the GMs as people will be petitioning others for things they BELIEVE are not doable at a glance. Countless times when I am designing a new twink I look up some item that isn't normally used until many levels beyond what I am planning and say, "nah, there's no way I can get that on at this level", but after calcing it, I find out I can just barely squeeze into it. I also believe that some GMs will not always have enough game knowledge to know whether x is doable at y level. If someone is petitioned for having "exploited gear" the GMs are not going to go make a setup and try to calc it to see if it is legit. This could potentially lead to toons being stripped when their setup was actually legitimate, or at the very least, it will tie up GMs that could be helping with other issues. I hope Funcom realizes the amount of reports they will receive regarding "possible exploiters".

    My opinion: All of my toons have always had legit setups despite popular belief, and I look forward to people no longer having a reason to not inspect them. I do however hope they remove the message that you are being inspected as I get inspected constantly when I have it disabled.

Some of the proposed fixes

  • A hash comparison of the db on the launcher to prevent visible buffs
    This would be very easy to bypass, and would not be grounds to ban an account. If your database was corrupted somehow, would you really want your account banned because you tried to log in with a db that didn't pass the check?

Your actions include but are not limited to:

Abuse of Game Mechanics
Trivializing boss encounters
Use of 3rd party programs that violate the EULA
Customer service abuse
Posting of exploit information on the Anarchy Online Public Forums
Use and direction of known exploits


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Re: Regarding the 2/28/14 Patch Notes

Post by Tagyourit on Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:18 pm



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